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Conscious Box: June 2012, Part II

17 Jun

June Conscious Box, Part II

Artisana: Organic Cashew Butter
So I have a thing about nuts. Basically, I don’t eat them. I’m not allergic, and I never bother asking the Thai takeout place to leave the peanuts off my pad thai, but I will pick around them. However, I do like the flavor of most nuts. Walnuts in brownies causes me great sadness, but if you somehow made a walnut-flavored brownie, I could get on board with that. Long story short: I have never eaten a cashew, nor had I tried cashew butter. And now I know that I don’t like cashews. I will say that the butter was very creamy and not at all gritty like some minimally processed nut butters.

kō denmark: Jasmine Neroli Rose Body Lotion
I’m not a big fan of jasmine, so I’m not the best person to evaluate this product. Coconut oil is a primary ingredient, and felt a little more like I’d moisturized with a light body oil that a lotion. It wasn’t greasy and it absorbed well, but it’s not something I’d try again.

Savvy Bohème: Allons-Y! Natural Deodorant
Last year I decided to switch from traditional antiperspirant deodorant to plain old deodorant. I’m not convinced about a connection between aluminum and breast cancer or Alzheimer disease, but 1) I never felt like antiperspirants were that effective anyway, and 2) bodies are designed to sweat, so why not let them. So I went to Whole Foods and bought about a billion different deodorants, from Tom’s (fail) to those crystals (bigger fail). I finally settled on Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant. It’s expensive, but it actually worked.

The expensive reign of Lavanila might be over. I’ve been using the Savvy Bohème sample for a few days, and I love it. I even did a comparison test for a day. (Such dedication!) It’s not cheap, but it’s still less than Lavanila, and I like the idea of buying from small business owners when I can. Bonus points for the 10th Doctor reference.

Natural Newborn: Bug Stopper Soap
As a city dweller, I don’t have much need for insect repellent. I’ll try it if we end up going to a concert or something in the park this summer, but that would mean remembering to lather up before we leave, and, well…It smells nice, though—like citronella, which I expected, but more lemony.

Nuti-Masu Life Ocean Salt
Apparently this salt is very popular in Japan (it comes exclusively from the water around Okinawa) and is just beginning to make headway over here. It’s a very fine, fluffy powder rather than granules or crystals, which is something I’d never seen before. The flavor is less aggressively salty than table or kosher salt, and I could see using it on something delicate like fish or in a salad dressing.

Natural Vitality: Energy 28
Last month’s box had a slightly different version of a Natural Vitality drink packet. That packet was essentially a liquid vitamin, whereas this formula is a “superfruit, veggie, and antioxidant blend.” I’ll probably add it to a smoothie just because it’s here, but this is one of those “can’t hurt but I’ll never seek it out” products. What is 200mg of a blend of fifteen different vegetables really going to do for me?

Soap Hope $5 off coupon
Soap Hope, an online retailer for an assortment of natural home and health products, describes itself as a “Peace Corps for money.” The company invests 100% of its profits in programs that benefit women in developing countries; after the money has spent a year “in service,” it’s returned and the next year’s profits are invested. Pretty neat. They carry well-known brands in addition to smaller companies, some of which I already use on a regular basis—I’ll probably start buying my BioKleen laundry detergent through them.

Sprouts! Update

12 May

The sprouts have really grown! The first warm, sunny weekend day will be transplanting day. I think my husband has a lot of dirt hauling in his future. (That’s ok, he likes it. I swear.)


23 Apr

This spring I decided to get serious about gardening. Container gardening, to be specific. I live on the top floor of a two flat, so my gardening options are limited to whatever I can fit in pots on the small back porch. Fortunately both the porch and the apartment in general get a lot of  morning and afternoon light. I have a beloved houseplant that I’ve kept alive for going on seven years, and the basil I purchased at a farmer’s market last summer did well, so I’m optimistic. So optimistic that I decided to start my plants from seed.

I planted lettuce, basil, oregano, arugula, miniature cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and jalapeño peppers. The cucumbers, peppers, and herbs are going strong, but I have a feeling I’ll end up purchasing tomato starts once the farmer’s market opens. (NEXT WEEKEND! THE EXCITEMENT!) I ignored the look on my husband’s face when I showed him the pots I wanted to buy for these sprouts (they’re huge, truly) and I”m hoping that once I get everything in the tomatoes and lettuce will look a bit sturdier. My seed tray is shallow, and I think the roots have reached their limit. I’m also going to purchase a few herb starts and put those in with the seedlings, since, well, I’m impatient and I’m going to want to make salsa before July.

I’m lucky that I live near some of Chicago’s largest green spaces, but the parks, even along the lakefront, are no replacement for the fields I was used to growing up in central Illinois. It’s going to be several more years (if ever) before I live in the kind of home where a backyard stuffed with seeds and plants and flowering trees will be possible. Seeing the little green bits popping up on my windowsill has been comforting, in a way.

So for now I’m going to fuss over my sprouts, make my husband haul home bags of dirt from the hardware store, and help that houseplant see its eighth birthday.